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The mission of EcoCortec® is to develop eco efficient production of biodegradable materials which combines new technology, high productivity with positive effects on Environment.  We believe that it is not good enough to just meet customer needs, you must anticipate them. That is what it means to be an innovator.

EcoCortec® in Beli Manastir, Croatia is located on 10,000 square meters , only 3 km away from trans-European corridor C5 places this facility in a great geo-strategic position. Situated in Central Eastern Europe our plant can be reached by car, railway, water, and by air.Factory

EcoCortec® specializes in manufacturing innovative, biodegradable, compostable films and offers customers complete converting, extruding and printing capabilities. The EcoCortec® plant manufactures biodegradable films and bags according to customer specifications, offering a completely biodegradable alternative to polyethylene films and bags. Installed blown film extrusion lines are one of the best and most highly developed in Europe. The new facility is fully integrated with new equipment having a high margin of ecological protection and better energy utilization.

EcoCortec® has world-class laboratory that can perform testing compliant to Military Specifications ASTM and EU standards. Mechanical properties and coefficient of friction are measured with Instron precision instrument. Water vapor transmission and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) rates are determined using desiccant chamber designed for 0% RH. ESD films are manufactured in compliance with Military Specification MIL-PRF-81705D. Each ESD production order is tested onsite for static decay and surface resistivity. Custom films are developed and tested on site. Specific strength, tear resistance, tackiness, and slip qualities can all be formulated according to the customer’s needs.
Cortec® wins 2006 Worldstar Packaging Award:
EcoCorr ESD Biodegradable VpCI Film EcoWorks
EcoCortec Receives Two CROPAK 2006 Awards:
  1. “Eco Packaging” Award for its innovative biodegradable EcoWork® bags & films
  2. A Project for Packaging & Waste Packaging Management

EcoCortec Biodegradable Film Technology

Ecoworks bags are fully compostable
Ecoworks bags are fully compostable

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