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High Performance Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging Solutions

EcoCortec has offered environmentally responsible packaging and materials protection technology. Our compostable products ensures that the packaging products that are used everyday have the lowest possible environmental impact. From collection and retail bages, to high tech barrier and tensioning films, Eco Film, Eco Works and Eco Wrap offer many benefits over traditional films:

  • Reduce or eliminate disposal costs
  • Use less material due to strength improvements
  • Adjustable physical properties
  • Excellent strength, even with heat, moisture and chemical exposure
  • Begins to biodegrade only when exposed to microorganisms
  • Wider temperature stability range than LDPE/HDPE
  • Replaces nearly every packaging film on the market today
  • Once composted, film biodegrades within weeks

Refers to any substance that naturally decomposes into elemental materials within a reasonable period of time, based on a realistic disposal method. Specifically for films, biodegradable refers to a plastic which disintegrates by microbial activity within 180 days under commercial composting and coverts into carbon dioxide and water.This definition of biodegradable is the basis for ASTM D 64000 and BPI/ USCC certification. Since biodegradable is a very common term, see compostable below for the most precise definition available for products such as Eco Film and Eco Works.


For plastic materials, this is a more appropriate and specific classification than biodegradable above. Compostable refers to the specific conditions required for a ASTM 6400 based biodegradation to take place. Commercial composting refers to a large- scale method of converting organic materials into usable nutrients commonly used as soil amendments and erosion control methods.

We are proud to introduce our two families of high performance, certified biodegradable packaging technologiesEco Film and Eco Works.

Eco Film and Eco Works are high performance, completely biodegradable and compostable films and bags with unparalleled performance characteristics. Developed with the entire lifecycle of the product in mind, Eco Film and Eco Works combine the performance demanded by customers while in use and convert effortlessly into carbon dioxide and water within weeks of disposal. Overview of the Products:

  • Annually renewable & certified compostable materials
  • Eco Film and Eco Works do NOT contain Polyethylene Unlike starch containing bags, Eco Film and Eco Works have:
    • Long curb life, useful life and shelf life.
    • Superior Strength
    • Moisture and Heat Resistance at high and low temperatures
  • Widest range of applicationsfrom collection bags to military preservation

VpCI Eco products

Eco-Corr films provide unsurpassed corrosion protection while in use, but degrade 100% into carbon dioxide and water once composted or buried.

Eco- Corr combines all the environmental and performance advantages of Eco Film with VpCI technology.Eco Corr protects all ferrous and nonferrous metals from corrosion and the films unique physical characteristics allow EcoCorr to be used in specialized packaging applications such as interleaving and in liner film applications. EcoCorr is the only fully biodegradable and copostable corrosion- inhibiting film in the world.

Eco-Corr ESD is a 100% biodegradable film that is specially designed for the electronics industry. Provides multimetal corrosion inhibition to applications involving contact, barrier and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibition

Eco Film, Patented Biodegradable Film
Cortec® wins 2006 Worldstar Packaging Award:
EcoCorr ESD Biodegradable VpCI Film EcoWorks
EcoCortec Receives Two CROPAK 2006 Awards:
  1. “Eco Packaging” Award for its innovative biodegradable EcoWork® bags & films
  2. A Project for Packaging & Waste Packaging Management

EcoCortec Biodegradable Film Technology

Ecoworks bags are fully compostable
Ecoworks bags are fully compostable

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