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Our Strategy

The politics of ecoefficient strategy is connection of quality, productivity with respect to environmental impact. Also,this is the base of costimers requests.

Business model of EcoCortec include:

  • development of multy-layer sofisticated production biodegradables films and foils, which would be intended to export market
  • Implementation of new equipment and technology
  • Innovations
  • Development add research centar
  • Coorporation with public institutions and colleges
  • Instituting the European norm
  • Employed education
  • Bigger competitiveness
  • The merits in the quality of favor, the accuracy of delivery by,would be continued upgrowth high quality innovative product
  • Keeping stimulating sure and productive working surroundings and environmental acceptable production process
  • Organization and keeping stimulating the educations employed for the use and upgrowth the new technologies, and technological process
  • Monitorings of equal representations of sizes value added and sizes pleasures those which have created by the satisfaction norm of preservation of nature
  • Export orientation production by growth of maximal product concurrency on the market through the education and introduction of new technologies
  • Impementation softwar business informational system of support running a business which is a fully adapted to firm technological process
  • New greenfield investment and more the quality technological solutions Ecocortec is guarantee the buyers, sure and reliable partner for the future and is representing concrete construction and investing to Croatia as the country export licence of finished products, which by use of new technologies is still environmental oasises of Europe
Cortec® wins 2006 Worldstar Packaging Award:
EcoCorr ESD Biodegradable VpCI Film EcoWorks
EcoCortec Receives Two CROPAK 2006 Awards:
  1. “Eco Packaging” Award for its innovative biodegradable EcoWork® bags & films
  2. A Project for Packaging & Waste Packaging Management

EcoCortec Biodegradable Film Technology

Ecoworks bags are fully compostable
Ecoworks bags are fully compostable

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