CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #695: River Restoration Firm Decides to ‘Go Green’ on Plant Packaging

One river restoration and erosion control firm in the UK takes environmental responsibility seriously— down to its plant packaging choice. The business is the largest grower of native wetland plants in the UK and was using conventional plastic bags to protect plants in transit and avoid seepage. In 2018, they decided to try to replace their old plastic bags with the same size of Eco Film® Bags, which are compliant to ASTM D6400/EN 13432 for commercial composting. They did a field trial that found Cortec’s Eco Film® Bags to be a satisfactory match—both for their packaging needs and to reflect their image of  environmental responsibility—and began purchasing them regularly as a commercially compostable substitute.

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Keywords: compostable bags, green packaging solutions, go green, sustainable packaging, plant packaging, reduce plastic pollution, ecofriendly packaging, Cortec, commercial composting

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