CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags powered by Nano-VpCI®

CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags powered by Nano-VpCI®

CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags and Static Shielding Bubble Bags combine volatile corrosion inhibitors with cushioning packing bubbles to provide protection for sensitive or delicate components. Using Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology, the bubbles protect a variety of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver and stainless steels, without leaving film or residue on packaged items. CorShield® Bubble Bags are non-toxic and recyclable.

Components to be protected are placed in CorShield® VpCI Bubble Bags. In a matter of hours, the vapor from the VpCI bubbles saturates the enclosed airspace. The VpCI vapor migrates through the air to reach all exposed metal surfaces. The VpCIs then condense, forming a thin, protective layer. CorShield® VpCI Bubble Bags are designed for cushioning and surface protection applications.

CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags come in customer requested dimensions. To ensure best product performance, store in original packaging, indoors, and out of direct sunlight at 4-38 °C (40-100 °F)
The shelf life for CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags is two years. Bubble resistance 

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