Cortec® Engages with Academia and Industry at
MTECH International Conference

The Cortec® Europe team was honored to be part of the MTECH International Conference on Materials, held October 6th-9th in Šibenik, Croatia. This international conference brings together members of the scientific, engineering, and industrial community to share knowledge and ideas on corrosion, heat treatment, material testing, and tribology. It was a great time to see both new and familiar faces and open doors to exciting opportunities for the future!

As longtime members of the Croatian Society for Materials Protection (one of the main organizers of the conference) the Cortec®/EcoCortec®/CorteCros® team played an important role in organizing, presenting, and exhibiting. Ivana Radić Boršić (VP Sales, Europe) worked on the Technical Committee that assisted the conference Organizing Committee with technical input and advice.

Cortec® presented two papers during the conference:

1. Ivana Lipošćak (MCI® Technical Sales Manager, Europe) spoke on “Pelješac Bridge – Influence of MCI® on Service Life of the Reinforced Concrete Elements Exposed to the Marine Environment.” This paper was written jointly with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb.

2. Ivana Radić presented a whitepaper on “Corrosion Protection of Brass Ammunition with VCI,” written jointly with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zagreb. This was in response to a request by the Croatian military, who had approached the Chair for Materials Protection for recommendations on products to protect brass cartridge casings. The university tested several products (VpCI®-316, VpCI®-369, BioCorr®, and VpCI®-126), and Ivana shared the results.

CorteCros® EVP & General Manager, Ivan Rogan, joined the two Ivanas at the Cortec®/EcoCortec®/CorteCros® booth to engage with a mix of visitors from industry and academia (including a number of Ph.D. students) on products, technology, and future opportunities for collaboration. During the conference, the team also received helpful input from guest lecturer Dr. Claus Qvist Jenssen, who talked about corrosion issues for stainless steel used in modern architecture and gave personal suggestions for expanding Cortec’s own research to include data on “season cracking” corrosion on brass. It will be interesting to see how opportunities unfold from these conversations and recommendations in the future!

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