Eco Works® 10 & 45 Certified Commercially Compostable Film

Eco Works® 10 & 45

Eco Works® 10 & Eco Works® 45 are certified commercially compostable films that contain renewable raw materials ranging from 10- 45%. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco Works® 10 & 45 will biodegrade within a few months. There is no ecotoxicity to the soil, plants, or microorganisms involved in this process. Since microorganisms are the means of biodegradation, Eco Works® is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly.

Available in 1-4 mil (25-100µm) thicknesses and 3-120” (8-305 cm) widths. To ensure best product performance, store in original packaging, indoors, and out of direct sunlight at 40-100 °F (4-38 °C).
Shelf life: 2 years

Product data sheet (pdf)

Eco-works 10

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