EcoOcean film and bags are constructed from the latest biobased polymer technology on the market. Designed with the environment in mind, EcoOcean contains 77% biobased content and is fully marine biodegradable. EcoOcean is designed to biodegrade in marine environments, anaerobic digestion, natural soil and water environments, backyard composting systems, and municipal composting facilities (in areas where these facilities are available). EcoOcean film products are durable and versatile with the added value of biodegradability in a wide range of environments. EcoOcean is also marine protective. Although we do not promote marine disposal, in the event that this product should reach the waterways it will biodegrade in months instead of remaining in the ocean for hundreds of years like ordinary plastic films. EcoOcean can help reduce the increasing and persistent problem of marine litter. EcoOcean is heat, moisture, and chemical resistant making it an ideal film for compostable bags and many flexible film packaging applications.

EcoOcean is available in various sizes and constructions.

Product data sheet (pdf)


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