The Future of Corrosion Protection is Circular!

EcoCortec® Offers Green Sustainable Anti-Corrosion Packaging Solutions

In today’s world where environmental awareness is more important than ever, manufacturers are adapting and embracing sustainable practices for the benefit of consumers and our planet. A huge shift has been made from the linear to the circular economy. “Green” films and anticorrosion films manufacturer, EcoCortec®, has been one of the first packaging manufacturers to promote sustainable packaging technologies. The plant is a European daughter company of Cortec® Corporation, global leader in corrosion protection technologies.

EcoCortec®, located in Croatia, develops and manufactures environmentally responsible patented films and bags under the license of Cortec® Corporation. The plant’s circular packaging solutions incorporate all the principles of the circular economy—in fact, the company has been one of the first in Europe to implement a European-wide initiative to collect and recycle used VpCI® films and bags. Within this “Plastic Recycling Project,” EcoCortec’s customers can send their waste VpCI® material back to the Croatian plant to be completely recycled and used for manufacturing of new products. EcoCortec® reprocesses VpCI® film scrap and incorporates the “repro” back into the virgin film at up to 20 percent, a level at which the company can ensure quality of the new product. “Our plant has expanded its film reprocessing program to allow customers to send their used VpCI® film back to the plant, creating a win-win-win situation for customers, the manufacturer and the environment. Instead of paying thousands of Euros for disposal, customers can send their used VpCI® bags and films to [our] Croatian plant,” says Dijana Zrinski, the plant’s General Manager. Both customers and manufacturer demonstrate environmental responsibility and reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

Corrosion Protection Packaging
One of our films designed for packaging of sensitive components is EcoSonic® VpCI®-125. These static dissipative films and bags are unique in their ability to prevent corrosion and ESD damage.

They combine multi-metal corrosion protection with strong static dissipative properties. The film protects components from electrostatic discharge and conforms to surface resistivity and static decay requirements. Films and bags are also available in an EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 HP Permanent ESD version. These high-performance anti-static bags protect static-sensitive multi-metal items from corrosion. Anti-static properties immediately reduce or eliminate static buildup as long as the films or bags are in use, independent of the presence of humidity. Just recently, EcoCortec® rolled out its latest addition to this line: EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 ESD Shrink Film (HP-UV). This ESD shrink film is a mixture of high performance UV and VpCI® Technology. Users of the film can shrink wrap their small or large components as normal to conform to the shape of the object.

Stretch hoods are among the fastest growing packaging techniques for shipment of palletized goods. Last year, the company launched Cor-Pak® Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI®, offering specifically designed plastomer material solutions for stretch hood packaging. Cor-Pak® Stretch Hoods are high-performance films for corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The film is suitable for industrial use to stabilize loads and ensure pallet integrity for efficient packaging and delivery. It is co-extruded using state of-the-art resins, offering superior strength and stretch characteristics as well as multi-metal corrosion inhibiting properties. The combination of enhanced polyethylene resins with VpCI® Technology makes them the most advanced corrosion inhibiting stretch film available today on the market. They can easily be recycled and are compatible with commercially available manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

Compostable Films Without Corrosion Inhibitor
When looking for “greener” ways to approach packaging it is necessary to consider the entire range of the product’s life cycle—from raw material sourcing to disposal. EcoCortec® has intensified efforts to develop a variety of practical alternatives to traditional plastic films and bags. Last year, the company launched two new compostable films: Eco Wrap®, the world’s first certified compostable industrial strength stretch film, and EcoShrink™ Compostable Film. EcoShrink™ is a commercially compostable alternative to common plastic shrink wraps for use in industrial packaging applications. The film is sourced from certified commercially compostable resins and contains 45% biopolymers. After use, EcoShrink™ can be disposed of in a commercial composting environment* to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that normally ends up in a landfill. Eco Wrap® is a specialty certified compostable wrapping film made with certified compostable resins plus a tackifier additive. It is designed to run on existing stretch film equipment by simply adjusting the tension setting. Its users can benefit from material/waste reduction in many ways. It has been certified by TUV Austria as industrially compostable (#TA8012106218).*

There are many possible steps in the journey toward reducing plastic waste. By incorporating renewable materials, we are able to significantly reduce plastic waste and keep plastics out of the landfill by designing them for an industrial composting waste stream.

You can find PDS’s of the aforementioned products at following links:

EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 ESD Shrink Film (HP-UV):

EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 HP Permanent ESD Film & Bags:

Cor-Pak® Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI®:

Eco Wrap®, Patent Pending:

EcoShrink™ Compostable Film:

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* This product is intended to be composted in a commercial composting facility operated in accordance with best management practices. Check locally to see if such a facility exists in your community and if they will accept this product. Not suitable for backyard composting.

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